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8.5 sec/page


2.48 sec/page
Model Paper Size Speed Color Duplex List
Plustek - Document Scanners
  S400 8.5"x11.69" 3ppm YES NO $99
  S410 8.5"X14" 9ppm YES YES $159
  S420 8.5"X14" 12ppm YES YES $199
  D412 8.5"X14" 12ppm YES YES $249
  PS283 8.5"X14" 12ppm YES YES $249
  OB3800 12"X17" 7ppm YES NO $299
  OB3900 12"X17" 7ppm YES NO $349
  D430 8.5"X14" 30ppm YES YES $349
  PL1530 8.5"x11.69" 15ppm YES YES $349
  OF8100 YES $349
  PS288 8.5"X17" 25ppm YES YES $359
  PN2040 8.5"X17" 20ppm YES YES $399
  OF8200iSE YES $419
  PS286PLUS 8.66"X14" 25ppm YES YES $359
  OF8200i Ai YES $449
  A320 12"X17" 8.5sec/page YES NO $549
  PL2546 8.66"x14" 25ppm YES YES $599
  PL2550 8.5"x11.6" 25ppm YES YES $549
  A150 8.5"x14.02" 20ppm YES YES $599
  PS406 9.6"X14" 40ppm YES YES $699
  PS406U 9.6"X14" 40ppm YES YES $749
  OB4800 8.5"x11.6"   YES NO $799
  PS406 8.5"X14" 40ppm YES YES $849
  PS465U 8.5"X14" 40ppm YES YES $849
  A300 12"X17" 2.48sec/page YES NO $1699
  OF120 8.5"X14" 40ppm YES YES $1999
  SC8016U 2.36"x4.72" YES $2499
  EZBookScan 12"X17" 2.48sec/page YES YES $5999
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