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color duplex scanner


Color Duplex Scanner


Duplex Scanner
Model Paper Size Speed Color Duplex List
Fujitsu - Document Scanners                 Fujitsu Trade-in Program
  IX100 8.5"x14"   YES   $229

  ScanSnap S1300i 8.5"x14" 8ppm YES YES $295
  SP-1120N 8.5"x14" 20ppm YES YES $395

  fi-65F 5.8"x4"   YES NO $395
  IX1400 8.5"x14" 40ppm YES YES $395

  IX1600 8.5"x14" 40ppm YES YES $495

  SP-1130N 8.5"x14" 30ppm YES YES $495

  SP-1425 8.5"x14" 25ppm YES YES $495

  fi-7030 8.5"x14" 27ppm YES YES $595

  fi-800R 8.5"x14" 40ppm YES YES $795

  SV600     YES NO $795

  fi-7140 8.5"x14" 40ppm YES YES $795

 fi-7160 8.5"x14" 60ppm YES YES $1195
 fi-7300 NX 8.5"x14" 60ppm YES YES $1395
  fi-7240 8.5"x14" 40ppm YES YES $1595
  N7100E 8.5"x14" 60ppm YES YES $1895
  fi-7260 8.5"x14" 60ppm YES YES $1995
  fi-7180 8.5"x14" 80ppm YES YES $1995
  fi-7280 8.5"x14" 80ppm YES YES $2495
  fi-7460 11"x 17" 60ppm YES YES $2995
  fi-7480 11"x 17" 80ppm YES YES $3995
  fi-7600 12"x 17" 100ppm YES YES $5995
  fi-7700 12"x 17" 100ppm YES YES $7995
  fi-7800 12"x17" 110ppm YES YES $10995
  fi-7900 12"x17" 110ppm YES YES $15995
Fujitsu - Software
  Rack2-Filerô Smart  
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Fujitsu - Maintenance Options

  Basic Warranty

  Advance Exchange

  Scan Aid Consumables Kit

  Depot Repair

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  On-Site Time and Materials
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