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Basic Warranty & Basic Plus Warranty
The Fujitsu Service Advantage
  • Minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity with responsive, next-day on-site service
  • Dramatically reduces response times with Priority Service, available in select cities and on select products
  • The only FCPA-Authorized remedial service program for Fujitsu Scanners

Fujitsu Basic and Basic Plus make it easy for customers to get even more of a good thing. With Basic, customers can upgrade their standard 3-month on-site limited warranty to a full 12 months of on-site service. The Basic Plus program is available as an option in the post-warranty period, and can be purchased in single or multiple 12-month increments. Basic and Basic Plus are the only remedial service plans authorized by Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. (FCPA), making them the ideal way to expand your service coverage.

Call Today, Get Service Tomorrow
With Basic and Basic Plus, customers can rest assured that their mission-critical applications will be up and running when they need them. In the event of a failure, customers with Basic or Basic Plus need only make one call to Fujitsu Technical Assistance to place their service request. Once the hardware failure is verified, a service technician is dispatched to arrive at the customer's site by the next business day.

Priority Service for Select Products
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. (FCPA) recognizes that even a few hours of downtime can make a big impact on our customer's business. To address this, FCPA offers Priority Service on M3099 series, M4099D series, and fi-4990C and fi-4860C scanners. Available in select metropolitan areas across the nation, Priority Service ensures dramatically faster response times.

How Basic and Basic Plus Work
When the Basic or Basic Plus order is placed, a Service Activation Kit is sent to the customer. The customer completes the Service Activation Card inside the kit and returns it to FCPA with the proof of purchase. Once FCPA receives the completed Service Activation Card, Basic coverage will begin. It is important to note that if a scanner's warranty service has lapsed and suggested maintenance was not performed, FCPA may evaluate the product to determine if additional charges are needed to restore the product to the required maintenance level.

Basic One-Year
Service Options Available during the First Year of the Scanner Warranty
Model Fujitsu SKU Parts, Labor & Travel*
M3093EX/GX/DE/DG CG01000-459201 Included
fi-4340C CG01000-446701 Included
M3096EX/GX CG01000-459601 Included
M3097DE/DG CG01000-459801 Included
M4097D Series & fi-4640S CG01000-478701 Included
fi-4750L CG01000-492101 Included
fi-4750C CG01000-487501 Included
PRIORITY fi-4860C CG01000-498101 Included
PRIORITY M3099 Series CG01000-459101 Included
PRIORITY M4099 Series CG01000-475401 Included
PRIORITY fi-4990C CG01000-493201 Included

* Consumables, Preventative Maintenance & User Training not included

Basic Plus One-Year
Service Options Available Post Warranty
Model Fujitsu SKU Parts, Labor & Travel*
ScanPartner® 93GX CG01000-463401 Included
M3093EX/GX/DE/DG CG01000-459301 Included
fi-4340C CG01000-446801 Included
M3096EX/GX CG01000-459501 Included
M3097E/E+/G/G+ CG01000-459901 Included
M3097DE/DG CG01000-459701 Included
M4097 Series & fi-4640S CG01000-478801 Included
fi-4750L CG01000-492201 Included
fi-4750C CG01000-487401 Included
fi-4860C CG01000-498201 Included
PRIORITY fi-4860C CG01000-498301 Included
M3099 Series CG01000-460101 Included
PRIORITY M3099 Series CG01000-460201 Included
M4099 Series CG01000-475301 Included
PRIORITY M4099 Series CG01000-475201 Included
fi-4990C CG01000-493301 Included
PRIORITY fi-4990C CG01000-493101 Included

* Consumables, Preventative Maintenance & User Training not included

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