Kofax Document Scan Server

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What it does:

Document Scan Server (DSS) enables organizations to improve business performance by scanning documents at the point of entry into a workflow.  DSS is an integrated software/hardware solution that provides flexible tools to scan-enable third-party applications, secure scanner connectivity options, and centralized management capabilities to reduce the cost and complexity of capture deployments. 

Organizations need Document Scan Server if they:

  • Are unwilling to disrupt their existing IT infrastructure, or have security policies that are in conflict with traditional PC-based scan stations.
  • Require centralized management capabilities to set up and maintain scanners in remote locations.
  • Are searching for a simplified, cost-effective means to add scanning capability at any location where paper and electronic documents enter the organization.

With Document Scan Server you can:

  • Add scanning capability to virtually any software application.  No need for users to quit an application or move to another computer in order to scan.
  • Minimize disruption to existing business processes or workflows.
  • Eliminate the need to install SCSI boards, scanner drivers or scanner applications on client PCs.
  • Adhere to corporate IT standards for desktop PC security and software.
  • Manage scanning infrastructure from a single, central location.
  • Have branch office workers install the Document Scan Server network appliance in minutes. 

Key features include:

  • Web Services Software Development Kit (SOA compliant) to add scanning capability to new or existing software applications.
  • Single administrator can use Management Console to configure, monitor and update scanners throughout enterprise.
  • True thin client scanning.
  • Scan from practically any platform including Windows, Mac, and Linux, thin client terminals and Citrix environments.  
  • Seamless integration to Ascent Capture through Ascent Collection Server.
Kofax Document Scan Server

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