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PaperStream IP enhances standard TWAIN and ISIS applications by integrating cutting edge image processing technologies, without the need to change or modify any software. Engineered by experienced Fujitsu experts, PaperStream IP saves both time and money by reducing the number of rescans and cuts the amount of time it takes to setup a profile to just seconds.


  • Compatible with all standard ISIS and TWAIN applications. Just select the PaperStream IP source to scan
  • Preset profiles clean up over 99% of standard documents. Quickly choose between automatic color detection, color, or black and white!
  • No need to learn driver settings. Assisted Scanning ensures the best image cleanup through visual selection
  • The preview option shows driver changes in real-time without a need to scan and test again


  • Provides rated speeds for your scanners and scans color 300 dpi faster than ever!
  • Small footprint of only 100 MB, making a quick installation process


  • Cleans up the toughest documents, including decorated backgrounds, for improved OCR, reduced rescans, and curtailed specialized profile creation
  • Auto-rotates for less paper preparation and automatically fills in hole-punches and torn edges
  • Color Clean Up creates a uniform background for better reproduction and reduced file sizes on color scans



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You multi-task at work. Your software should, too.

Kofax Express makes it easy for anyone to scan, organize and store documents, at speeds that make short work of batches big and small. Easy enough for beginners, powerful enough for pros; let Kofax show you the new Express route to document scanning.

Intuitive and User Friendly Interface

Kofax Express utilizes the same interface as Microsoft Office 2007 applications, with the most commonly used commands and features readily accessible from a ribbon bar atop the screen. Scanner operators can keep their eyes on their work and easily invoke numerous Kofax Express features with a single click of the mouse, resulting in quicker adoption and greater productivity gains.

Highest Image Quality

Innovative SmoothView™ technology enables you to manipulate multiple document images with ease. Find, replace, gather, zoom, divide, rotate, swap, order and place document images in ways you never could imagine with a stack of paper. Also, with the included Kofax VRS, your images will look better than their paper originals without any pre-scan document preparation or fiddling with scanner controls.

Zonal OCR

Kofax Express automatically extracts index field data from documents. Users can train Kofax Express to locate the key index information in a document and Kofax Express will automatically remember that location and extract the data from future documents, which reduces the time it takes to process documents and makes indexing much easier for users.

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